German Egg Liqueur ( Vanilla Custard Shots )

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No Easter without German Egg Liqueur! This authentic German Eggnog Recipe is the best! It tastes like a boozy, creamy vanilla custard and can be used to make the famous German egg liqueur cake or as ice cream or pancake topping!Jump to Recipe

Homemade German Egg Liqueur Advocaat in a small shot glass with eggs in the background

My family recipe for homemade German Egg Liqueur!

Easter in Germany is all about homemade Egg Liqueur. Eggs and booze might sound a bit gross to you. Well, try to think of it as “Vanilla Custard Shots for Adults”. It´s a bit like eggnog – but better!! Trust me on this.

 In Germany, we use Egg Liqueur, known as Advocaat in English, for baking and as a topping for Ice Cream Sundaes all year round but Easter is the real peak season. That’s when we bring out the homemade stuff.

 homemade German Egg Liqueur in a small shot glass

What is German Egg Liqueur?

The roots of this creamy custard-like liqueur actually lie in Brazil.

It is supposedly derived from “Abacate”, an avocado-based drink that European explorers came to enjoy while “staying” with the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest in the 17th century.

It was first introduced to Europe by Eugen Verpoorten, a Belgian from Antwerp who set up production in the German town of Heinsberg near the Dutch-German border in 1876.

As avocados were not available back then he had the idea of replacing the avocados with eggs, which made the liqueur just as creamy and rich as the original.

The Verpooten egg liqueur recipe has not changed ever since and is still a well-kept secret.

two glasses of homemade German Egg liqueur with quail eggs in the back

What does egg liqueur taste like?

It tastes like dessert. Very sweet and creamy, somewhat like a homemade vanilla custard. Some have a little bit of spice added, like nutmeg. You can also add some more vanilla to your drink for a special touch.

My family recipe for German Eggnog – Egg Liqueur

Today, I share our family recipe for German Egg Liqueur with you, which is so much better than anything store-bought.

I´d never drink a shot of store-bought Egg Liqueur but I do use it a lot for adding moisture and flavour to cake batters. However, this homemade Egg Liqueur is so smooth, it can really be enjoyed on its own.

Or drizzled on ice cream. Or waffles, or pancakes. You get the idea.

What makes this recipe special:

To add a bit of extra flavour to my German Egg Liqueur I mixed in a tablespoon of vanilla, some freshly grated nutmeg and a pinch of ground cloves. That’s all it takes to make the German Egg Liqueur taste homey and festive at the same time.

german egg liqueur in a small shot glass

How to make German Egg Liqueur

There are two methods for making German Eggnog– one using raw egg yolks another processing them in a hot water bath. I find the water-bath method safer as you get to heat up the egg yolks to 70 Degrees Celsius.

Make sure you use the freshest eggs you can find. We got ours at the Hutterite Community. The largest, most orange yolks I’ve ever seen in an egg.

This rum-based version makes for an Egg Liqueur almost as thick as vanilla pudding.

It is so creamy that I store it in jars. If you choose bottles you shouldn´t fill them all the way as you might need a bit of shaking and possibly a sip of rum or cream to get it out again.  

Eierlikör tastes best right out of the fridge and when kept there, stays good for months and months.

 German Egg Liqueur in a Easter bunny bottle

Recipes with German Egg Liqueur

Wondering which German cake and dessert recipes you can use your homemade egg liqueur in? I got you covered with these Easter recipes:

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German Egg Liqueur | Vanilla-Custard Liqueur

No Easter without German Egg Liqueur! This authentic German Eggnog Recipe is the best! It tastes like creamy vanilla custard and can be used to make the famous German egg liqueur cake or as ice cream or pancake topping

Course drink
Cuisine germany
Keyword German egg liqueur
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 1 bottle
Calories 1000 kcal
Author Kiki Johnson


  • 8 egg yolks
  • 250 g powdered sugar 1 1/2 cups
  • 375 ml evaporated milk 1 can
  • 250 ml white rum 1 cup
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp freshly ground nutmeg
  • 1 pinch of cloves


  1. Whisk the egg yolks in a metal bowl until fluffy and slowly add the powdered sugar. Beat until smooth then slowly add the evaporated milk, the vanilla and the spices.

  2. inally, stir in the rum and set the owl over a hot water bath. Continue to whisk until the mixture starts to thicken, which will happen at about 64 Celsius. Continue to whisk, making sure to scrape the sides of the bowl.

  3. Once your Liqueur has reached 70 C, it's done and safe to drink. Immediately take the bowl of the bath and whisk to cool it down a bit. Pour the still warm Liqueur in prepared jars and close.

  4. The liqueur stays good for at least 4 months and can be stored at roomtemperature in a dark cupboard. Once open it needs to go in the fridge.

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    Wie lange muss oder sollte er stehen, bis er getrunken wird? In manchen Rezepten sind es vier Wochen. Und wird er furch das stehen noch dicker? Kann mir nicht dickflüssig genug sein ?

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    hi fanz,
    i use highgrade distilled alcohol (minimum 80 percent) because that’s better to avoid potential toxic fungi, bacteria and viruses in the egg liquor – the use of bio-eggs is also useful (no antibiotics) ….
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