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Hi there, foodies! 

Hello, I’m Kiki Johnson – a chef, published cookbook author, and professional recipe developer. With over 12 years of experience, my mission is to make German baking and cooking accessible to a global audience, drawing inspiration from my upbringing in a rural German restaurant.

About Cinnamon and Coriander: 

I started Cinnamon & Coriander in 2012 as a way to share my love for cooking, baking, and creating desserts while I was still studying in Germany.

The blog has changed a bit with the years along with my eating habits so you find some healthy options as well as traditional German recipes just like granny used to make them. Because life is all about balance and moderation, right? 

Why Cinnamon & Coriander? 

The cinnamon speaks to me of my childhood, growing up in rural Germany with my Granny’s delicious baking. It also is my favorite spice – and not just for Christmas – I believe it makes everything better.

 The coriander represents the life I have lived since leaving home to go explore as many of the things this world has to offer as I’m able to experience. There are still some empty boxes on that list but also many tick marks. I have lived in Costa Rica for almost two years and I spent 7 years living in Mexico before deciding to return to Germany.

The beauty of this nomadic life is that there’s always a constant influx of new experiences and interesting little tidbits to nibble on for inspiration but what I love most will always be the food I grew up eating at my grandparent’s restaurant.

You find all recipes in German AND English! 

The blog is fully bilingual so for all you guys who want to look at the original version of my German recipes, just toggle over to the German site and vice versa.

The English recipes use cups while the German ones use metric only. I also provide metric (grams) measurements in my English recipe cards and if you want to have great results with your baking in general and German Baking in particular  I DO recommend you get that kitchen scale. You will never look back and you will nail those cookies and cakes every time. 

It’s important to me that you guys can make all those traditional German recipes at home with ingredients available to you so sometimes there might be some substitutions necessary but I will always make sure the textures and flavors are just right. 

Again, welcome, new friend! I hope you’re having a great time recreating some of my recipes. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter and let’s connect on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Looking forward to seeing you around again soon. 

Love Kiki