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Spanish Triple Chocolate Tart | A chocoholic’s dream dessert

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I discovered this showstopping Triple Chocolate Tart, or Tarta de Tres Chocolates, on my last trip to Spain and it became one of my favourite desserts! Though this dessert looks really fancy and elaborate,  getting hold of the secret ingredient, the cuajada, a Spanish milk curd powder, is the only tricky part of this recipe! I ordered mine online!

The preparation itself is quite straightforward and yes…actually really easy!


Can a chocolate tart get any prettier?


I made this Tart with and without cookie crust! In the picture, you see the version with no crust!

I´d recommend the version with the cookie crumb, to which I´ve also added some fresh orange zest!

The cookie crumb crust adds a nice texture and a hint of orange which helps to lighten up this quite decadent and rich dessert!

For the Spanish Triple Chocolate Tart you´ll need:
150g dark chocolate 70 %, chopped

150g milk chocolate, chopped
150g white chocolate, chopped
1 l whipping cream
500 ml full-fat mild
3 sachets of cuajada
125 g sugar (50g for milk chocolate, 75g for the dark chocolate layer)
1 box of biscuits (200g)
80g melted butter
1 tsp orange zest


Grind or crush cookies and mix with orange zest and melted butter. Press in you prepared 9-inch springform pan and chill.

Mix milk and cream in a bowl.

For the white chocolate layer mix 500 ml milk cream mixture with the white chocolate and an envelope of cuajada in a pot and heat on low temp, stirring constantly until the mixture is hot. Do not add any sugar at this point. Let set in the fridge.

Pour the mixture onto the cookie crumb. Repeat with milk chocolate and add 50 g of sugar this time and bring to a slight boil. Before poring this on the white chocolate layer go over the white layer with a fork, slightly raking the surface while you do so. Don´t stab it – just slight scratching will do. About 4 long carves across the surface will do!  Using the back of a spoon, now carefully pour your milk chocolate layer on top.

For the dark chocolate layer repeat with another 500ml of liquid, an envelope of cuajada and 75 g of sugar and repeat as described above.

Place your Triple Chocolate Tarte in the fridge overnight.


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