Sweet yeasted dough

Craving a good sticky bun, a buttery brioche or some doughnuts? You´ve found the right place!

süße Hefebrōtchen mit Johannisbeeren auf einem Kuchenteller

Sweet Brioche Buns with Red Currants

Try my easy recipe for Sweet Brioche Buns with Red Currants! With their soft, melt in your mouth texture these soft milk bread buns are perfect with any kind of jam or spread but also delicious on their own.  Sweet Brioche Buns studded with red currants – perfect for Sunday Brunch!  I love baking with red […]

overhead shot of sweet brioche breakfast buns with vanilla custard and strawberry filling

Recipe for Strawberry Vanilla Custard Brioche Buns

The best recipe for sweet brioche buns made from scratch! These homemade breakfast pastries are tender, soft, and fluffy and each roll is filled with a heavenly vanilla custard, fresh strawberries and pistachios. What I love about Brunch? Endless possibilities. Anything that one really wants to eat is acceptable for […]

Kokos Brioche mit dunkler Schokolade

Coconut Brioche with Dark Chocolate Chips

Try this exotic twist on the classic brioche ! My Coconut Brioche with Dark Chocolate Chips is a real treat for lovers of all things coconut and chocolate! Coconut Milk makes the brioche extra rich – the little half-melted dark chocolate bombs take this bake to the next level ! Brioche! […]

Mohn Marzipan Schnecken mit Zwetschgen

German Poppy Seed Buns with Marzipan & Plums

 These German Poppy Seed Buns with a homemade poppy seed filling, marzipan & tart prune plums are an autumnal twist on a German Classic and one of my favourite bakes of all times! Picture soft,  pillowy yeasted buns filled with a moist poppy seed and marzipan cream and juicy pieces […]

bestes brioche rezept

Thomas Keller’s Brioche Deluxe – a Bouchon Bakery Recipe

Thomas Keller’s recipe for brioche makes the fluffiest, most tender and buttery brioche loaf ever! This Bouchon Bakery recipe features special tips for kneading and fermenting the perfect brioche dough! Is there anything more decadent than a freshly baked brioche for breakfast? Well, the truth is that most brioche recipes […]

Caramel Sticky Buns with Pecans

World´s Best Caramel Sticky Buns

This is hands down the best sticky buns recipe ever! Mix up the dough sometime on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday morning you’ll have pillowy buns packed with cinnamon and brown sugar filling, coated in an ooey-gooey caramel pecan sauce. Let me tell you about my latest obsession with these […]