German Canadian Food Blogger Kiki Johnson


Hi there Foodies, 

My name is Kiki and this is where I share my culinary shenanigans. 

Cinnamon and Coriander – two of my favourite spices. The cinnamon speaks to me of my childhood, growing up in Germany. It represents everything marzipan, and poppy-seed, and Christmas!  The coriander represents the life I have lived since leaving home to go explore as many of the things this world has to offer as I’m able to experience. It’s a list with more empty boxes than tick-marks, but then, that’s always the case when every time you experience something new you’re forced to add five more things you have to try to the list. Both in baking, and more generally, in life. 

Besides my wanderings through Europe, I’ve spent a year living in Costa Rica, and have just recently moved to Canada with my husband, the ruggedly handsome and utterly ridiculous Canuck. Though I can’t say I actually know where we live in Canada. My husband has lived a more nomadic life than me even, and we continue to do so now that we’re back in his homeland. The beauty of this is that there’s always a constant influx of new experiences and interesting little tid-bits to nibble on for inspiration.

This new site remains a work in progress for the time being. We’re still busy getting all the translations right while I endeavour to make my blog better-than-Google bilingual in order to keep you from painting bread dough all over the wall (like my unfortunate mother-in-law), so plenty of new content is incoming!

Love Kiki